Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Video: Common & Erykah Badu - The Light @ SxSW (Direct Audio)

Fader TV brings us some classic footage from this year's SXSW of Common's ode to Erykah with her actually in the house. On a side note, Ms. Badu was a little late for the show because there was a stalker outside her house. True story, check below for the full story reported by Dallas Penn:

Saturday morning, from the South by Southwest shindig down in Austin, Pete wondered over on DC9 whether Erykah Badu would be playing Auditorium Shores, as expected, or Malaysia, as pictured. Turns out, she was heading to Austin after all -- but only after being delayed in Dallas, where police were detaining a stalker in front of her house. Badu's isn't exactly the most tucked-away home in town, which is how a "white woman mid to late 20's," as Badu described her on her Twitter account, found the place -- and brought with her some "weird writting."

Badu, who recently tweeted the birth of her daughter, recounted the entire episode -- which Entertainment Weekly followed Saturday night, posting several updates during the course of Badu's abbreviated show on the Shores. (She also joined Kanye West and Common at The Levi's®/FADER Fort on Saturday night.) As Erykah wrote, the stalker showed up three times -- first at 1 p.m. -- and left after the singer-songwriter exchanged a few words. Two visits later, she wrote, she had no choice but to get Dallas police involved. DPD senior corporal Kevin Jans, a department spokesman, tells Unfair Park that an "obsessed fan," as she was described in the police report, was indeed arrested Saturday night. The disturbing police narrative, including references to "a dog that will eat your soul," follows after the jump.

Craaazy, maybe she should have called on Tyrone. Yeah, I know that was lame.