Sunday, March 29, 2009

Audio: Atmosphere & Brother Ali Live From Sweden

Courtesy of Midwest Broadcast:

This past summer, Atmosphere and Brother Ali toured across Europe doing a unique, combined set for their 3 The Hard Way tour. I caught their performance in London, and it was honestly one of the better shows I've attended. Slug and Ali complement each other wonderfully on stage, each taking turns being the other's hype man. Not to mention Ant, who does a great job orchestrating the show, as Atmosphere's usual back-up band did not cross the pond to Europe.

The tour also had a stop in Sweden for the Hultsfred Festival, and All The Way Live managed to get a high quality recording of the show. Their post, however, was a one-track, 30 minute recording of the set. I did a little editing with Garageband, and separated each track individually. Featured are Ali and Slug doing a handful of their solo tracks and a few collaborations ("Cats Van Bags," "Blah Blah Blah"). It should, at the very least, provide those that weren't fortunate enough to be in Europe at the time — so probably most of you — a taste of the amazing tour that the Rhymesayers all-stars put on.

Set List:
Panic Attack
Cats Van Bags
Uncle Sam Goddamn
Shoulda Known
Forest Whitaker
Blah Blah Blah
Guns and Cigarettes
Take Me Home
Truth Is

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere & Brother Ali Live From Sweden