Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News: i360 Named #1 Product at Soccer Nation Expo by Top Drawer Soccer!!

BIG props go out to CEO Aaron Phillips, Kelly and the whole i360 team for being named the #1 product at this year's Soccer Nation Conference by Top Soccer Draw!! I know you have been out there grinding pretty hard for a while now, so it is good to see some well deserved recognition! Check below for a TSD's summary of the i360, and click here for the complete list of the top 5 products at the conference. Anyone who would like to hop on the bandwagon early and cop thier very own i360, roll over to and get laced!

1. i360. The ipod is beginning to rival the cell phone as the gadget most can't live without. With that in mind, the i360 was created.

It's a special headband that allows you to enjoy your music without any wiring impeding your progress. You simply insert your iPod into the headband, which is equipped with a wiring system and dual detachable speakers. Hats, and beanies of the same design are available as well. It's a product that gives so much in such a small package.

There are vary ing headbands to accommodate the model of ipod and it's perfect for runners, snowboarders, skaters, and, yes, soccer players.
Remember these words: in the next year or so you will run into an entire team warming up on the practice field while outfitted in the i360. It makes too much sense.

The i360 gets extra props for being the coolest-named product at the expo. will have interviews with all five exhibitors in the coming days, as well as many more exhibitors who took part in the event.