Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TOMMY TALK: Steady Mackin’ with Sean Keane

Tommy Boy moved to San Diego bursting with energy and enthusiasm, but not sure how to harness it all. So we asked him to work up some content in coordination with his network of homies and hoes all over the place, and the result is our new feature TOMMY TALK. Check out the underrepresented talent and personalities he’ll be featuring in the weeks and months to come, starting off with NorCal’s own Sean Keane. — ONE

What do you look for in a woman?

Blondes, brunettes or redheads, and why?
Straight gray, ’cause man that shit’s sexy.

What kind of cologne do you wear? Do you use hair styling products? Does good hair help you pimp harder?
I randomly put on some Chrome or Cologne 41 to not smell completely like a pot plant… Nah, it’s all about that nappy…

What does a girl need to do to be eligible to talk to you?
They gotta fight my woman to the death first.

What should she be wearing to impress you?
Retro ’80s Reebok Jumpsuit from Tommy Boy’s locker.

How hard do you typically pimp? Do you also mack in addition to pimp? What is the difference between macking and pimping?
Hella hard allday errrday… It’s all the same.

What’s your favorite place to club? Do you dance up on freaky hoes at the club? Do you throw up gang symbols?
Tommy Boy’s Euro Dance Palace of Chests, and there I’ll freak a beezie with the Carlton dance… Yup, Northside all day.

Name your top 5 favorite rappers.
Andre Nickatina
Mac Dre
The Grouch
Dubee aka Sugawolf
Mercutio (Will Cosgrove)

Who is the biggest baller you know? Do you know any boss hogs?
Casey Bagozzi, ’cause wearing corduroy sweaters and khaki jeans is extremely ballin’ in my book… Yup, Juiced Sucka Foos!

Would you wear a fur coat in hot ass weather in Florida to make yourself appear to be a boss hog?
If it’s a Valo one.

Bonus Sactown the Mactown Trivia Question. Will Cosgrove is:
A) a wigger / wegro
B) Vanilla Ice on rollerblades
C) a bitch killer
D) a regular-ass manilla envelope white dude
Ha, ha, Willy Wonka is definetely Vanilla Ice on the blades.

Saucy attitude © 2009 Tommy Boy
Photos © 2009 Nick Korompilas

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