Thursday, January 1, 2009

HilAAriousness: Mistah Fab Responds to Chain Snatchers

Wow, I guess word travels very fast through these mystical tubes we call the internet. Here Mistah Fab shows that he still has his chain, and laughs off the imposter's demands for a verse. It is sort of ridiculous to jack someone and then try to blackmail them on a track with you. If that worked, Im sure Hession would have been double-platinum by now. Check the video:

Here is an added bonus of someone who claims to have jacked the original chain jackers. This "chain snatcher's chain snatcher video" is a true tesiment to the stupidity of this whole chain stealing fad. I am considering switching my new years resolution to never posting bullshit about some doosh on youtube talking shit with someone's chain (sorry trick trick), because it makes me feel like the ugly girl in middle school. Lets just say this one is for hilarity purposes only...

Hahahah, as I was watching this video for a second laugh, I just realized that this hooded figure is clearly the same guy from the first video (seen here). Im guessing they realized it may not be smart to show thier faces so they came up with the genius idea to stage this mostrosity. Very clever...anybody else reminded of the kidnappers from that Snoop and Dre movie The Wash?