Thursday, January 29, 2009

Audio: Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly (2009 - Remastered)

A classic CD and one of Steezo's personal favorites. I remember when he used to bump this on repeat in the maroon Ford Escort ZX Duece... Anyways, here is Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly", the newly remastered version which dropped on Tuesday..

1. Onemosphere
2. The Bass and The Movement
3. Give Me
4. F*ck You Lucy
5. Hair
6. Godlovesugly
7. A Song About A Friend
8. Flesh
9. Saves The Day
10. Lovelife
11. Breathing
12. Vampires
13. A Girl Named Hope
14. Godlovesugly Reprise
15. Modern Man's Hustle
16. One of a Kind
17. Blamegame
18. Shrapnel

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly"