Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tizz The Season

YEEEEEeee... The winter is upon us!! And I also hate you fags for talking shit on me cause I enjoy snowboarding more then rollerblading(YES GORDON IT's ME!!! YOUR SILKY WORM).. Yes i want to fit in and yes snowboarding is much more socially exceptable among my peers. So fuck OFF! I want to be that cool kid I once was in middle school, and freshmen year of high school. That cool rollerblader kid that can do really neat tricks that no one else can do... And not that lame 23yr old rollerblader kid that I am now... "Wait you still rollerblade????" DAMNIT I also snowboard doesn't that make me cool??!!!

Any ways this kid is raw and when i grow up i wanna ride just like him.